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The Sith Lords

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I'm a little bored, and more than a little tired at the moment, so bear with me. We know two of the Sith Lords from the game now and we know that there are three Sith prestige classes. Judging from the cover that was available on the boards earlier there is another Sith Lord we don't know anything about yet. This topic is pure speculation about the Sith Lord characters, so feel free to air your opinion.


Darth Nihilus


- Sith Lord Prestige Class

- Sex Unknown

- enigmatic Sith Lord, seems to be more in line with Darth Sidious (manipulative, cunning, clever)



Darth Sion


- Sith Marauder Prestige Class

- Male

- seems to be the most 'up front and in your face' Sith Lord





- Sith Assassin Prestige Class

- Sex Unknown

- we don't know anything about this character yet but I think I remember him having two sabers on the cover art




Now.....rip this all to shreds.... :rolleyes:

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