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*intro music to cops*


*two sith troops walk into a bar*


1: Yeah, we got a call about a...uh....disturbance at this....er....establishment.


*shouting from inside*


Atris: LET'S GO, WE HAVE A JOB!!! Hurry up and stop eating you fat bastar*!

*PC stuffing face and staring at twilek dancer*

*Atris slaps PC*

Atris: You thinks she's prettier than me don't you? DON'T YOU!!!


1: Excuse me maam, we got a call, so....uh.....you need to...er....lower the volume.

Atris: Look you-

1: Shutup! I was um....talking......so....er.....don't make me.....shoot you....

*Atris brandishes weapon*

*Uses force explode*

*trooper and Atris die*

PC: *cough* Check please.

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Atris: What are you doing? We had Nihilus right in our grasp.

PC: Sorry, I was busy taking a crap on Bokishi.

Atris: Oh. Ok.


Never! :angry:


The Great Warrior Bokishi pwns all! (w00t)


He's no warrior, Foster Farms does all the work for him.



No...that can't be...you lie! :'(

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how come there was not places to eat or go to the bathroom? i dont want SIMS, but still are u supposed to pee on the floor of the ebon hawk? or on taris, NO BATHROOMS, 4 BILLION PEOPLE no wonder theres rakgouls


And you wonder why people don't agree with your suggestions. :-

"Console exclusive is such a harsh word." - Darque

"Console exclusive is two words Darque." - Nartwak (in response to Darque's observation)

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