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John Cena VS. Carlito Carribean Cool

Guest Darth Banooby7

Who do you think is the better wrestler?  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. Who do you think is the better wrestler?

    • John Cena
    • Carlito Carribean Cool
    • They both reek

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Guest Darth Banooby7

This is a big rivalry in the WWE. I personaly think Carlito is a little arrogant punk who needs an attitude adjustment! I'd like to see someone teach him a lesson in Thuganomics! :) P.S. What happend last Smackdown, I missed that AND Afterburn. Carlito had no rite to SPIT in Tory Wilson's face either! <_<

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I haven't watched wresting much in the last couple years, but what little I've seen has made me hate John Cena with a passion. I hate wiggers. I have no idea who Carlito Carribean Cool is though, so I vote that they both suck.

The area between the balls and the butt is a hotbed of terrorist activity.


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