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our own music

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1. It would be cool if you could listen to some OG trilogy music like the cantina one.

2. I think this would be a nice sidequest if you could dance or play the SW instruments and depending on your performance you get paid. It could be like the DDR type games where you had to for egs press x,a,a,y,x in the correct time and order to make a tune and the more accurate you were the more money and you could be a pro SW music maker.


my final suggestion would be able to play our own music from our xboxes like in most games. and dont give me that it takes up to much memory bull cause the music played is our own music dled into the xbox. I mean sure your battle music was great and all but at times i would rather run around tatooine listening to Hey mama by black eyed peas or Yeah by usher etc etc

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