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For Petes sake Use XBOX Live

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Please utilize Xbox Live make a cool feature like leader boards to see who is the highest ranked.


Use Xbox Live to let players compete in online Pazaak tournaments or speeder bike races.


I know KOTOR 2 won't be completely multiplayer or might ot.


Anyways Use Xbox Live for cool new imaginative features that break new ground. Such ass.


Let users "trade" items or weapons in kinda like a Cosmic intergalctic trade station where eveyone goes to log into xbox live and "trade" items we put them up for sale and either aprrove or disaprove of the trade either for credits or and item. Kinda like KOTOR 2's own ebay. But make it cool and tied into the story line.


Make the Cantinas Xbox live aware so when we enter a cantina it logs us onto Xbox Live and we can acyualy voice chat with a chick if shes playingor our buddies on line in real time.


This would blow any other game for 2005 clear out of the water and guarantee Kotor 2 a game of the year.

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This isn't Diablo 2, lets try not to make it that.

Dear God, no game deserves that fate. I hold Diablo to be the perfect example of a stupid game that I never want to be in anyway associated with.


I see it as a curse...a disease.

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