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Can Anyone Give Me Info

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As the original KotOR featured the three ordinary classes to begin with and three Jedi Classes to choose from later, The Sith Lords now includes six "prestige classes" that allow your character to further develop after he or she reaches a high enough level (level 20 in the Star Wars D20 system that this game is based on). For Light Side players, the prestige classes include:



Jedi Master: (Consular-type) Regenerates force power more quickly, and can inspire companions and followers.


Jedi Watchman: (Sentinel-type) Generally super abilities with the force and control over the lightsaber.


Jedi Weapon Master: (Guardian-type) Lightsaber deflection and pain threshold increased, and does more saber damage.



Dark Side Prestige Classes include:


Sith Assassin: Mastery of stealth and camouflage.


Sith Lord: Mastery of corrupting the wills of others.


Sith Marauder: Mastery of weapons and increased pain threshold.


It is unknown what type of trial the Jedi will have to go through in order to achieve this ranking, but likely (-wishful thinking on my part) an involving quest.

(gamebanshee.com) Hope this helps

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On the E3 movie it shows you as a DS character talking to a few dark jedi and a master, and with you talking to them and not putting foot to ass i assumed you were getting recruited but if this was what was happening i do not know. I hope there is a mission also :ph34r:

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I'm still trying to find that link (gamespy I think) to a more detailed description of the prestige classes...


For now, any guesses on prerequisites? Obviously high BAB for Weapon master. For Jedi Master I'm guessing some treat injury and whatever serves as knowledge. Probably WIS of 14 or higher.

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