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Annoying start-up intros in NWN


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I'm tired of constantly clicking away at every NWN start-up to skip those annoying intros. I did it all through NWN OC, SoU and now HotU, and now I think enough is enough. I remember someone mentioned that one could add a line in one of the NWN config files to disable those intros, but I can't remember where or who it was.


So does anyone know how to do it?

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Cheers. After browsing Bio's NWN forums, I've found the answer.


Although it doesn't work as Squidget posted in that thread, Weiser_Cain. That line (Disable Intro Movies=1) must go into nwn.ini under [Display Options] portion.


No more annoying intros here. Yay for the config files tinkers! :blink:

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