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Can't change my signature...

Child of Flame

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I've tried it on my parents, which admittedly uses a different ISP, and it worked. I'm using Earthlink on mine though, and try as I might, it won't. This problem only set in since you guys customized the board, and I'm sure that it had something to do with the changes you made to the original Invision coding, as I've changed it on multiple fora using the original Invision code and it works just fine.


Basically, I'll try to get to the 'Edit your Signature' option under the My Controls thingy, and I just get a 404 Error. Just plain won't display. Just about everything else on the internet works just fine, even every single other feature ON THESE BOARDS. But I can't change my signature, and it's very, very frustrating. :blink:

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Hmmm, I was able to get into that page. Try this:


1) Cleaning out your Temporary Internet files

2) Cleaning out your cookies

3) Make sure you have the latest Windows Updates (if you use Windows)

4) Try downloading Netscape, Firefox or Opera and see if the problem still exists in one of those browsers.


It's most likely just IE being funky if that's what you use.

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