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Play ball!


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Most final regular season series go down this weekend. Are we going to get some playoff talk going on? I'm still sitting on the edge of my seat hoping my Astros don't blow it against the Rockies over the few days.



I know we'll get spanked in the playoffs 'cos Clemens and Oswalt can't pitch every game, but it would be nice to get there again...especially after all the $$ we've spent.

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I was actually hoping for the Dodgers to choke, as it looked like they were going to. But, they look to be in a pretty good position now. :unsure:


Btw, the cubbies are done. You can

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Yeah...as much as it pains me to say it....it's going to be the Cards and the Yankees in the Series. Probably the only time in my life that that I'll be pulling for Tony LaRussa. The American League is a b@stard league...and the Yankees are the worst of the lot.

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