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A technical question to the developers.

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I always liked my PC... I always tried to enjoy the best graphics one could get out of the electronical impulse (being a very visual person and always very close to arts,) which has put the consoles aside altogether for me. And as I am into graphic design, I ask the question which bothers me almost about every game (excluding Id's products and those based on their engines): What will the graphic library for PC be - OpenGL, or direct 3D? And in case of OpenGL, which versions of that library will be supported? Will there be support of proffessional graphics chips (i.e. Quadro, Wildcat?) And will there be option to add components to the game (change the models of weapons, clothing, or adding new objects?) The question with the libraries will set the benchmark on what to expect from the game (I don't find any ports from consoles in the least fascinating, due to the poor quality of console graphics, the exception might be only Morrowind, for it's unrestricted enjoyability of gameplay and ability to create new challenges.)

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The PC version is OpenGL.


There will not be a toolset included though some people are able to mod the games anyway.


I don't know about support for professional graphics chips or libraries since I don't handle the graphics programming.


Gameplay-wise, the PC version will be similiar to the X-Box version. Graphics-wise, the PC version will be superior. It will use much better textures than the X-Box has memory for. Not to mention the much shorter load times.



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