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Kotor 2 Resolution


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Just a quick suggestion for Kotor 2 on the xbox...if it isn't too late to have this put in.


I haven't read anything about screen resolution for kotor 2 but I'm really hoping it's at least 720p if not 1080i.


The resolution in kotor 1 resulted in horrible blocky edges in kotor 1. And since I didn't notice any slowdown or drop in framerate at all, I'd estimate that there was definately enough graphics power to spare to have made it 720p at least.


I'm assuming it would be a very easy change but then again my comp sci experience is limited to first year stuff from years ago so I can't really say...


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I believe the devs stated this would be fixed and improved upon. I don't know exactly how much improvement, but I recall them mentioning it after someone else had brought up this same topic. Possibly in one of the "Ask the Devs" threads.

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