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Suggestion: better skill and ability score use

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There is no real need for skills. All you need is a light saber. After all it is a Star Wars game.

This game is a representation of the jedi not the entire SW universe. It focuses on and around the jedi. That's why they're so prevalent. Other SW games don't have the saber as omnipotent (this game doesn't either in some situations actually).


Also Icebox, you can't have a negative strength. I was pointing out the impossibility of 20-30 hits per door. I forget the minimum. Maybe 3? What I'm saying is 20-30 hits would destroy 5 doors. Assuming that you get 4 hits on a door you probably do 3-17 damage (assuming 12 str). That means you'd do around 10 damage per hit. That would kill the thing at a maximum (this is assuming no special crystals btw) of 5 hits (unless you are the definition of unlucky and then it might take six hits for a door). It should take 2-3 hits per door even as a consular.

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