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How to get to hell (in the UK)

Mr. Teatime

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Many thanks. This website is truly one of the all-time greats and goes into my special bookmarks of truly exceptional online experiences.


Many hours of fun to be had here, with of course a serious warning about the danger inherent in discovering otherwise harmless looking infernal portals.


I am considering submitting my own five favourites:


1. That really scary looking and dusty bar on Villier's Street, not far from Embankment tube station in London. I have seen a number of infernal entities scampering in and out of that doorway. Usually late at night after I've had a pint or twelve after work, admittedly.


2. Junctions 9-10 on the M25 motorway in southern England. All of these junctions are clearly hellish doorways, although the popular view that they are in fact purgatory is also often heard.


3. Southend in Essex. THE ENTIRE TOWN IS IN THRALL TO BEELZEBUB! Alight at Southend Victoria train station at tell me I'm wrong. Dare you.


4. The door of the mobile kebab shop under the Westway in Notting Hill. Trust me, it looks like a kebab van but it is in fact an infernal aperture that lands you straight into the Pantry of Satan!


5. RPGCodex. The web's very own PURTEEL TA HEEELLLLLL.....





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