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Order of the Force Powers / Feats

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Hello :wub:


Another thing came to mind, and I apologize, if this has been suggested yet. It became hard to read all the suggestions, since there are so many :)


(This only is the POV from a Windows User, no idea how this is on the xbox version)

It always bugged me in Kotor I, that I have to rearrange the powers on the lower right corner to quick-use them with the key-shortcuts. For example, I always scolled down from heal to force speed, to quickly activate it by pressing 4 ( i think it was 4, can

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I certainly had no trouble reading it... Anyway, to reply:


I think there was some kind of shortcut key option... I didn't use it, but I remember reading about it. I prefer to pause the game and click things, less chance of getting stuff wrong...

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