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I'm sure LucasArts is handling this end, but I'd love to see them get Ron Perlman for the game.


He's done good voice-acting in the past, and after some of his recent movies, he's getting popular enough that people might recognize him.

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What's he done?


Since this was brought up, there was a little tidbit related to VO that someone put up at the Kotorfanfic.com site.




Will Wheaton talks about his audition for KotOR II in a web journal.


(I'm not really sure who this guy is, but hey... whatever.)

You don't know who he is? *shock* ;)

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Will Wheaton was Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation.


I remember when Next Gen was in it's first year and just premiered. Life Cereal, or one of the brands of cereal was doing a contest. One lucky kid would open his box of cereal and find himself on an episode of Star Trek. When I first saw Wesley, I figured he was that kid.


He was a horrid actor, and had Skywalker-like whining and lameness. He is also apparently a huge egoist and **** in real life. I caught an episode of the Weakest Link with Star Trek actors on it. He really did come across as a major ****, and he pissed off all the other actors there as well as the host.


Somehow, he parleyed his geekdom and minor celebrity status to having the most popular blog on the internet.


Ron Perlman did voice work for Fallout, Fallout 2, Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter, and other games. Recently he was in Blade II, Hellboy, Star Trek: Nemesis and tons of TV. He was also the Beast on the TV show, Beauty and the Beast years ago. He is a very underrated actor.

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