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Level up chraters on the ebon hawk

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Revan: So what do you think Tee-Three?


T3: Beep beep beep bloop


Revan: You don't say much do you?


T3: Pbbbbbp bleep bloop


Revan: Just chime in any time you have something useful to say.


T3: Chirrup!




I dunno, he was kind of endearing, in a metallic, non sentient kind of way...like a dog, only shiny. :(

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With the latest PC patch you can level up, switch equipment and do anything with other NPCs when on your ship. I do not believe you can on xbox. However, since it's now been coded into the PC version, which is the latest version and therefore likely to be the code Obsidian got from Bioware, the code ALREADY has that system installed. Thankyou.

I wasn't sure about this so I checked and it turns out that you can't level up your chars on the Ebon Hawk (with the latests patch 1.03).


You could only switch equipment between them.

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