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After watching the vid i noticed how sparks came whe you though the animals as well as teh dark jedi. Um. Its organic material so just how do sparks come off? I know it looks good but it doesent make sense.

Electrostatic discharge? Perhaps a lightsaber blade has a strong ionic charge.

"When is this out. I can't wait to play it so I can talk at length about how bad it is." - Gorgon.

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I think the lightsaber sparks no matter what it hits, but I'd have to double check with the movies. Which I don't really feel like doing.


I'm much more bothered by the "lightsaber kicks". You kick them for a 99 damage critical, with a kick, and it sparks and makes a loud buzzing sound as it hits.


Must be some SERIOUS static electricity in those Jedi boots. I suppose lightsaber's ionize the person's body AND clothing, then? :lol: I think they should call it, "Saber Foot", it's kind of like athlete's foot. Too much 'saber use, ya' know?

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