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Character Usefullness

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I've seen people talking about this all over the place but noone has dedicated a thread to the topic. Until now!!!!


One of the problems in the original KOTOR was that many of the characters had little or no real usefullness. I'm talking about Mission, TM, and to a small extent Jolee. These characters were basically outclassed by the others due to their lack of real firepower. Sure, TM could hack like nobody's business, but if you have the spikes, you don't need him at all. Mission had stealth, but so did Juhani. Jolee had a great selection of force powers, but many times his lack of health made him more of a liability than an asset. Many times, it was very easy to train your character (even to a small extent) to learn the abilities of the weaker characters, (like stealth, comp. use ect) making them completely useless.


Not one to point out problems without proposing solutions, here's my fix: Give the characters special abilities and/or weapons unique to that character. For example, I read that the new female bounty hunter has some type of wrist mounted rocket launcher. A step in the right direction. But don't stop there!!! Continue with this and give all the characters something unique like this!!!!


This really is important for the balancing of characters!!!

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That's already been implemented.


And since you've directed Akari to this thread, I'd like to take a moment to thank him for all the questions he's answered on this board and the general Sith board. Thank you for the time and energy you've given and the patience you've displayed.

"When is this out. I can't wait to play it so I can talk at length about how bad it is." - Gorgon.

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Again, sorry guys. Especially to Akari who has more important things to do, I'm sure, than to read posts about things that have already been fixed.

lol Don't sweat it gunslinger. Your thread is valid and has more of a place on these boards then some of these other threads. Even if this topic has been posted before it wasn't recognized properly by the devs. Some people on these boards love to start flame wars about stupid things like "this has been posted", "you made a typo".....blah blah blah..Just ignore people who act like idiots.

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