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Beginning with Obsidian - General Template for Notes?

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Probably the biggest source of friction for me right now concerning using Obsidian is not having a good way to structure the actual information going into a note. I need some sort of general template to help me organize the information.

I've done Google searches on "Obsidian Note Example". I've also read several posts about this. Often the examples or posts will get narrowed down into a specific thing when the author (like me) is asking a general question. Here is an example where the post turned into a discussion about MOCs when the author wanted practical examples of people's use cases: https://www.reddit.com/r/ObsidianMD/comments/153oxa4/seeking_practical_examples_of_obsidian_notetaking/

Often, when this question is asked, people suggest just tossing information into a note and sorting it out later. That doesn't work for me. It's too messy and stressful to look at, so it makes me not want to use Obsidian.

Others suggest using tags. But not too many tags. But not too few tags. This also doesn't help because I'm a visual learner and tags don't help clean up the visual clutter like headings do. With headings, you can hoist the content under it and hide it, so you are both not distracted and can more easily see all the organizational structure.

Many commenters say your note structure will change depending on what you are doing, how you are using Obsidian, what your role is (student, researcher, journalist, etc.) and so on. This is very true, but if you don't have a general understanding of the basic way of structuring a note in Obsidian and current best practices, you are kind of chasing your own tail. Once you have this foundational knowledge, I can see how you can adapt it to other situations.

So far, I am just using an Intro heading and a Citation/Resources heading. What else would you recommend for a general note template-like structure?

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Right topic, but wrong company...

The Obsidian you're looking for is ObsidianMD https://obsidian.md/

This is Obsidian Entertainment, a game developer and not related to the company behind Obsidian MD ;)


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