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Some odd log files in AppData\Local\TileDataLayer\Database


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I've noticed the free space on the (small) system drive decreasing and there are some odd log files in C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\TileDataLayer\Database, around 4GB of them.

Are they safe to remove? From what search engines have shown, the EDB.log is a transaction log file and related to the Windows Start Menu, but that's it.


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I wouldn't normally be concerned with deleting .log files on a personal computer, since by their nature they are just .log files, but those are awfully large for just .log files, and your system seems to be making them pretty fast-like. Might want to try to track down what the heck is generating them (maybe via Process Explorer if you can catch it in the act) and repeatedly stab it with a knife.

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Thank you for the suggestion.

I couldn't pick the process with Process Explorer, but Resource Manager told that the EDB.log and EDB.check are used by the system. So, I backed up the files on an external drive and removed them from C:. The PC didn't crash, and it seems to be fine.

(I will have to do a clean reinstall at some distant point in the future. Somehow, it is easier with work PCs and Windows Autopilot).

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