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Saves not loading, not being able to log into xbox network and so on...... UGH!

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I only play single player and my saved games just will not load at all. I have tried multiplayer when it was released but i can never find a room. I always get no rooms available or no one is online. This lead me to believe that no one plays online I guess but that's far from the truth because I've seen countless videos and forums like this where people do in fact play online in great numbers. Anyway, I've had the not loading games problem for nearly a year now and can't seem to find a solution anywhere. All I get is a multitude of these generic suggestions on how to resolve it. I play on PC through Steam by the way. Also signing into the Xbox network hasn't been working for several months now and have yet to find any kind of solution for that either. Not sure what is going on with Obsidian and this game but I have never seen sooooo many issues in a game ever. I purchased the game when it first dropped to during early release and have yet to have an experience with it where a problem isn't present in the past 2 years plus.

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It's very disappointing that you've not received any responses. In trying to resolve the same problem myself, I've read other's experience the Xbox login loop on their PC/Steam setup --- no solutions.

I've reached out to Obsidian support --- hopefully it can be resolved.


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