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Permanent weapon modals bug.



Is there any fix for permanent weapon modals bug?
They just don't turn off and stay for good.

Unequipping, removing, switching weapons doesn't solve the problem.
UI modal icon is off but the modal still works, you can see it as an active skill in character sheet and it's still being calculated during any fight.
Even if you respec and don't take certain modals but you had them before and used it even once they still stay permanently on.

It happens both in Steam and Game Pass versions.

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Sorry for the late reply. I don't think I have encountered something like this in any of my playthroughs and I can't seem to replicate the bug on my end. Do you know if this happen only on your current character or also when starting a new game? Can you give me some examples of specific weapons that you have noticed this happening on? Are you playing on Realtime With Pause or Turn-based?

The modals I tried enabling and disabling were HaymakerBewildering Blows and Defensive Strike. And all seem to correctly disable on weapon swap/unequip and reenabled after a small delay when changing back.

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Hi, having the same issue. Looked around and there are only 2 posts about this issue so it must be rare. My first time playing this series ever; made a barbarian with 2 different 2-handers with the intent of trying each out. Both modals were at some point in my brief playtime toggled on permanently. Unequipping, re-equipping, using other weapon modals, nothing affected it. Shows up in combat log as being active. 

Tried making a new character with the exact same build minus the estoc, now only savage attack from greatsword is permanently on, the shortbow modal works as expected. Reloading, unequiping etc does nothing to change this.

this is on the game pass version.

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