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Want to run through the game again with three characters. Am looking for some advice on which three to go with.

I think breaking them down I'd like the following:

  • High Micro (Something like a priest or wizard who needs to be babysit to have maximum effectiveness)
  • Tank (Mostly to group enemies up)
  • Low Micro (Something that can sort of be set and forget so I can focus on the High Micro character)

Also fairly partial towards Druid, don't know why but I really like that class for some reason. Also probably wanna cap Lore at maybe 4 or 6 since some of the higher tier scrolls (cough cough Maelstrom Scrolls) are outstandingly strong.

Currently I think maybe Druid, Fighter, Chanter might be good. Or something like Druid, Paladin, Chanter?

Would be curious to see if anyone else has had some experience with trio runs.

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I have little to no experience in trio running, by I'd go for Druid (CC and spellcaster), Chanter (tank e low micro) and Monk (off tank and dd).
I think this is a well assorted party :)
Anyway, between your two cases, I'd pick Druid/Paladin/Chanter, mostly for healing abilities of Paladin and better varied usage than Fighter.

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