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Hello Everyone / Anyone

I am receiving notification of Important Visitors to Caed Nua; however, on occasion they do not appear in the Keep

(1) Can anyone tell be where to look ~ for example, do they appear anywhere els at Caed Hua ?

(2) Or, is being able to see Important Visitors (at Caed Hua), yet another necessity for a high Mechanics rated with a member of the Party ?

Thanks everyone, Pillars of Eternity is a great game and the On-line Community is a great game

Bye for now

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Hello and welcome!
It's been a while, but as far as I remember you have to go to the throne room in order to receive important visitors. And if you can't make it back to Caed Nua in time they will be gone. There's ususally a time frame (sth. like "will stay for x days" or so, not 100% sure about he wording anymore) given with the announcement of visitors.


Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Hello, I confirm all that Boeroer says, ALL the visitors appear in the throne room and you have some days to receive them. You can see the time left in a section of the Stronghold view (I think is the section with a flag icon). When visitors RETURN to the keep after the first visit they don't appear and you can't receive them, but they give you bonus or malus depending the first visit result. Azzuro, the times he come back afetr the first visit also doesn't appear in the stronghold, but you can buy his items from the Stronghold management view.
Good playing! :)

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