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Pet Changes (Use of, Return to Home, Idea)

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1. We all know how crazy glitchy pets are right now. More than half of them will get trapped somewhere unreachable or glitched into something, and they are gone. Three buttons could fix some of it: 

     A. FOLLOW ME [Your pet joins you on a journey. They stay behind or beside you, where you can access their inventory as needed.] Perfect for finally having a USE for your pets! 😄

  B. GO HOME [While hovering over your pet, you can tell them to go home. They will auto-return to the pet house you've assigned to them]

  C. CALL HOME [While at a specific pet's house, you can toggle an action to call them home. It can be a bell you jingle, the sound of you whistling, or may even require you providing food. By initiating this, the pet will auto-return to their house.] Perfect for unglitching an unreachable pet! 


Lastly, new additions to pets and pet armor would be fun. 

1. Ant pets -- red ants and black ants as pets, as they are non-aggressive and honestly...pretty stinking adorable. 

2. Ladybugs as pets. Later in the game, they can be used as a means of transportation. 

Armor pieces

A. Moth Wings: For non-flying pets, increases their overall speed and would just look freaking adorable. 

B. Spider-Hat: a miniature Spiderling hat to adorn on your pet. Boosts defense. 

C. Mosquito Helmet for Gnats - a hat for your gnats that adds a tiny, mini mosquito beak. Adds them a life-steal perk to keep them healthy while they travel with you. 

D. Ladybug pet armor ideas: Mantis Flower Crown; adorn your ladybug with a headpiece of flowers. Boosts defense. Koi Saddle: A seat made of Koi scales and berry pieces (like our thrones), to mount the ladybug and travel through the yard. 

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