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Pollen Shot bugged?

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Upon obtaining the Bee armor I have noticed that the pollen shot set perk procs from my character instead of the arrow I shot. Not sure if this is intented. If it is does the effect linger like a gas arrow? Or is it actually bugged and should instead happen where the arrow lands much like gas arrows do. I personally don't understand what good pollen shot does if the intended effect is supposed to proc at the players location instead of the arrow as currently it just makes visibility a pain when it procs. Especially when it procs on multiple arrows in a row.

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After heavy usage this doesn't appear to be the case. Instead it seems that the animation happens in two places one at the player character and then the other at the arrow that proc'd the effect. It's hard to notice due to the animation and subsequent pollen cloud that surrounds the players view when the effect procs.

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