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What happend to this game?

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First off going to say this at the start game was awesome fun and a childhood memory. Last big update waited and waited to see the fun you guys and girl put into this but sadly wheres the game ending it was horrible for one but all this waiting to see only having level 3 weapons still level 3 Armour still with all the bugs in game ud think there'd be way more use out of them parts and why all the bug mounts Pics? U spent more time on that then seeing whats more important u couldve given the player so many other options on weapons and Armour hell even time on bugs attacking ur base more and more even defensive structures. I hope if u guys continue to this game or add dlc to it like another map like the house or another part of the yard past the fence ull change things around.  It definitely was a good game but the loss of things that could of been great with weapons traps defensive structures Armour and other objects being used are the  building blocks of of the game all the bugs level 3 could of been level 10 or some kind of form like legendary things everything had more use just saying.

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