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  1. Definitely true statement Microsoft burns company's to get a game out because they want there share and the record obsidian has with half a$$ games it a big track unfinished sad to because this game could of been the biggest thing around. But sadly just another game people put money towards and u only get half a game no tier 4 weapons or Armour so many items to make so much out of, so much unused yard. I thought for sure they'd do something on the house patio as big as it was and use to have caution tape saying under construction idk there's alot missing story lagging areas and more I really wish they'd did better. Maybe they'll put out dlc or hopefully make better games later I'm sure outerworlds will be half baked prob
  2. First off going to say this at the start game was awesome fun and a childhood memory. Last big update waited and waited to see the fun you guys and girl put into this but sadly wheres the game ending it was horrible for one but all this waiting to see only having level 3 weapons still level 3 Armour still with all the bugs in game ud think there'd be way more use out of them parts and why all the bug mounts Pics? U spent more time on that then seeing whats more important u couldve given the player so many other options on weapons and Armour hell even time on bugs attacking ur base more and more even defensive structures. I hope if u guys continue to this game or add dlc to it like another map like the house or another part of the yard past the fence ull change things around. It definitely was a good game but the loss of things that could of been great with weapons traps defensive structures Armour and other objects being used are the building blocks of of the game all the bugs level 3 could of been level 10 or some kind of form like legendary things everything had more use just saying.
  3. What's going on with the house patio it's still in caution work in progress. Are they going to add more to that area I mean it's a big area to go to waste?
  4. Besides getting better weapons and armor and shield and maybe being able to upgrade armor like u can weapons why don't u guys add like a Venus fly trap that can be setting on the porch by the shed or house or maybe in a garden or maybe some poison ivy or poison plants to make it difficult in areas. Also add more caves it's a big back yard make tunnels from one side to the other make it to where if u add weather like uve talked about we could build in the caves tunnels that would be cool. Add more bugs and bosses primantis, daddy long legs, worms, Flys, June bugs, hornets, dragon Flys and more. Make new tiers of armor allow us to upgrade them like weapons add more new weapons shield even can be upgraded base defenses weather season change. More areas this game has so much potential its out of this world what u can do with this. Let us be able to fly on bugs or make a glider there can be alot to add to a game like this don't let it go to waste this game is way to amazing to be like every other game made these days. U guys and girls actual build something that people will love for a long time to many games get made to fast no heart no soul in it any more keep up the good work and thanks for this game..
  5. That would be awesome. But also like old school castle stuff like big arrows and catapults.. bad thing I'd they need to make bugs actually attack your base. But also weapons need to be more upgraded and armour different bug parts and so on.
  6. Using a bombardier beetle parts using the acid glad and parts. Why bec the beetle shoots acid at u why not make a weapon like a hand held acid cannon maybe sling shot or an acid cannon on base. Plus stink bug make stink bug bombs maybe a sling shot bomb as well. Just ideas
  7. Having problems with roly polys I've got parts and goo from them but can't get shells I've taken down so many after responses but still haven't got shells. Also water is acting weird jumping and trembling really bad bugs falling in the ground when fighting as well. Also save game when loading kicks me out back to main menu.
  8. Base defense like making a big bow to shoot arrows or something, make bugs attack at ur base. Upgrade your armor with quartzite like u can weapons. If ur going to use the same bugs like lady bird larva and lady bird bug use different parts instead of the original parts from the old ones make it more fun to earn something from bugs that get harder. Make more armor more weapons make one special weapon or armor from the bosses like each one gives u a piece to a bad a$$ weapon to make as one or armor. Put new bugs in like primantis or centipedes or daddy long leg something to make it more challenging. Stop worrying about building worry about making the game challenging and add things that can bring fun to the game. Base building is ok but what's it worth when nothing attacks it or ur just a single player make it fun uve guys and girls have made a game that blows everything out of the water don't ruin it on just Base building bring the game to life.
  9. Game kicks me out if I load a game while playing takes me back to main menu. There is also alot of glitches with water and bugs falling thru rocks or the ground.
  10. Since new update I can't get any shells from roly polys I'm only getting bug parts and bug goow I've killed all four and waited for response and still no shell?
  11. Definitely agree would love to see way more Armour more special things come from boss fights.. like a piece of every boss to make one special power house weapon and amour. Definitely new bugs like a pirmantis or worms or centipedes something hard to fight. Also new area and even dlc to new completely different areas. The one downfall is the bugs they added in like ladybird bug and larva they should give better tier Armour bec it's some what different from the others I don't like how you kill one and it give you the same stuff from the original ladybug. But like I said boss battles Definitely should give you one special piece to Armour or weapon to build from all them a one of a kind..
  12. Definitely been a fun ride with grounded would love to see new bugs like primantis, Flys, worms, even centipedes, or even a grand dad spider towering over you scary lol. But also like new tiers of armor and weapons more would be better even like base defense were u can build a big arrow system to shoot bugs something.. But also like the new bugs put in on the update of into the woods like the ladybird and larva why does it give u the same things as a lady bug should be better stuff not same. Definitely would love to see the area move more to house inside or new places this game has so much potential for years to come Definitely love the game and to see some little things change with what bug u kill gives u instead of same stuff from the others that have been out and maybe something different with the bosses u get something special from them to make one special weapon but gotta kill them all bosses saying to make it
  13. Amazing game and experience meeting the bugs and areas of the map. Definitely would love to see this game last another couple years adding new bugs like pr mantis, butterflies, daddy long legs spiders, arouses weapons tones of new tiers. Definitely would be awesome after full release of game to work on dlc like adding the house to in or something new and big. This game can't die you guys and girls have developed a game that re defines gaming something new and never gets old. I hope this game can have a big road map and continues way down the road thanks for the game and the enjoyment of an old childhood movie..
  14. Definitely been amazing game hands down you guys and girls of this company have re defined gaming and open world experience. Ik the game isn't done yet but you guys should definitely continue this game not only in the back yard but the house include more features like bed bugs and mice gand dad spiders fleas tones more things this game should never die down. It's opend up so much more for a big long lasting road map.
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