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There are two kinds of DoT that can proc from this weapon, but with different behaviors :

  • Spider's Patience (Cipher, stage 2) : Deals Raw Damage per 1.0 sec for 16.0 sec on scoring Crit (Damage scales with Cipher's current Focus) (wiki description)

In the fact, the DoT interval is not per 1s, but 3s*. The effect doesnt stack with itself, and the duration is refreshed when re-applied. The "cipher's current" focus mean Dynamically, for 10% of current focus per tick. With a Soul Blade that can be potentially the higher DoT in term of damage.

  • Aspect of the Spider (Cipher, Wizard, Rogue)  5 Raw damage per 3.0 sec for 8.0 sec on scoring Hit against targets affected by an affliction

This time, the DoT stack without limit with itself, but with a 8s (base) duration. Like the Battle Axes modal, all the accumulated Tick proc when the effect is applied, so on scoring graze, hit, or crit. for example, with a multiclassed Monk for Swift Flurry and HbD or SC cipher with Time Parasite, that can be really significant.


* : for BpM or CP, it is really simple to match the effect with the description (per 1s), replacing the IntervalID in the "LAX01_Spiders_Patience_SE_Damage" from "25acc41f-26a4-4ef7-9b7d-0f1bf0ddfe9f" to "03ac1cf3-40d3-44ee-a9ae-9f3ee81b22fb" (1s)


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On 9/12/2022 at 6:32 AM, NotDumbEnough said:

And do they scale? I'm guessing that Might and universal damage modifiers apply, but how about Sneak Attack, Soul Whip, weapon upgrades etc.?

You are guessing right, Might and universal damage modifiers affect both effects.

Sneak Attack, Bckstab, and other weapon damage mult. dont affect the DoT however. 

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