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Help for bleak walker solo build (hopefully POTD)+board and shield?

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Hey all Im trying to do a bleak walker solo build without any companions on POTD. I would also really like to do a board and shield build. 

Thinking of high mig, con and per, is neccecary, but dont know much else. 

Anyone have a good guide or can help out with feats, skills, etc. etc.?

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If you go PotD solo I am pretty sure you outright want S&B for main setup. Things will hurt. Ideally I'd recommend to look onto some class with inbuild disables and debuffs but pretty sure pal is doable

For skills - I would recommend to get lore at to 8 points asap. Lore will allow you to use some very good scrolls, which is really helpful. It probably would be very good idea to start with lore boosting background, simply becouse when you are alone, there is no one to cast suppress afflictions onto you, so scrolls with protections against effect are absolutely required. Also stealth is really useful solo. Stealth around encounters, shoot FoD from arquebuss from stealth as fight starter

First of all I recommend getting Zealous Charge and maybe even fast runner. Since you are alone in situation which were balanced for party, you will be severely outnumbered, so ability to run away is absolutely required. Most of your fights will consist of trying to break out one or two enemies. And in case when you can't you would still be able to seperate yourself from enemies to renew some effects. Veteran recovery is also useful. Quick switch and deep pockets are good. For race I'd went with island aumaua for extra weapon slot. And obviously weapon and shield style for survivabiluty. 

Get all summon items you can, they are extremely important when solo

For weapon since you are paladin I recommend having two arquebuss in back pocket. With quick switch you can have two strong fight openers, then running away to either restart fight(and have two more openers) or to seperate ingured target and kill it with SnB



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