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Hello there. I was wondering if anyone knew if there is a mod that already exists, or is in the works, that would change a companion's appearance. The Unity Mod no longer works correctly/consistently, and I've tried the asset moding instructions found on another thread, but I am not good enough to make it work.

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Changing a companion's appearance using the game files is pretty difficult from what I understand.

Appearance of a companion before they join the party is stored as a monoscript prefab in the characters.unity3d assetbundle I think? I haven't really delved into it myself but this would probably be the easiest way to make changes to the character's appearance though.

Once a companion is in your party their appearance is seemingly stored into an .objsav (named after the character's object GUID, e.g. "b1a7e801-0000-0000-0000-000000000000.objsav" is Aloth) inside of a save file. It's pretty easy to open a save file as it is pretty much just a zip, but the .objsav of the companion isn't modifyable with any tool I'm aware of.

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