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With high Res, Clarity of Agony, and some other bonus for reducing hostile effects, no dex immunity or resistance, no Soul Mirror (or Finality's Claim), and a wizard as allie, it is possible to have 1 wound per sec!


Ninagauth' Bitter Mooring provide a very short (3s) immobilized effect each 1s (vs fortitude), and it is not really hard to decrease the Affliction duration under the 1s cap. Of course, if the wizard is too strong, the FF healing process may not be efficient, but with an average-might wizard, because of the 8-10 base damage of the spell, the FF healing become a nice per-1s regeneration.


Two FF monks (at less one as MC wizard) with Soul Mirror and Finality's Claim sharing this spell are a little bit crazy, generating beams between them and healing them by the way, in a Bitter Mooring Ping-Pong. 

The short Immobilized affliction doesnt influe very much, they can move but with some breaks. 

An inconvenient is if the wizard / FF-wizard is energized, of course.

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