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Can console commands be done by script?

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I'd like to make an item that can turn TB mode on and off to save typing it into the console whenever I want to switch, and I'm wondering if the "SetTacticalMode" console command can be set to an "inspect on use" button (like the one the Ordinary Sword has, that when you inspect it replaces it with the Watcher's Blade). So if you're in turn-based mode you'd use the inspect button and the "settacticalmode disabled" command would take effect and switch you to realtime. I've tried various permutations of trying to script this, but it doesn't seem to be possible to make it happen. I was wondering if anyone here with more technical knowhow had any ideas? Or if by any chance BMac is passing and would know?

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There isn't anything in the documentation about scripts that call console commands unfortunately. 

Edit: Examining the game assemblies with DnSpy shows this:


So if there were a script for changing tactical mode it would look something maybe:

"Data": {
    "FullName": "Void SetTacticalMode(TacticalMode)",
    "Parameters": [

However this didn't seem to work from what I have tested...

My assumption is that it has to actually be added to a list of available scripts to be accessible outside of the console commands. 

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