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Playing a wood elf FF/BM sage, throwing down binding web to get hobbled, but when hobbled expires I'm not gaining a wound or any healing, anyone know why this might be the case? 

Edit: did some testing, tried it with chill fog, when wearing defiant apparel (resistance to perception afflictions) I didnt receive a wound/healing but when I took the item off and tried it again I did gain the wound/healing.

So I guess it must be intended, FF wound gain doesn't proc on hostile effects expiring if you have resistance to them, whether through racial bonus or gear. Kind of annoying and limits the creativity of this build but there you go.

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10 hours ago, dgray62 said:

That's interesting. You should have gotten the FF healing and wound when hobble expired. Good to know that it is not working as expected.

Yeah its a shame, can't imagine the games still getting patched at this point but maybe they can do something for it in the community patch (if they haven't already, I'm still playing vanilla)

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