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I would like to read all banter between companions, but its seems that it's not available. In the wiki poe 1 banters are available but not poe2 banters. So i wanted to ask that anyone knew a way to read them.  I can read the string tables but it's not complete. Like i can see the questions or answers by Aloth, but i cannot see the other half, because there is no indication to whom is supposed to belong.  I hope it does make sense, and thanks for the answers.

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It's a hassle but about the only way to make sense of the companion banter .stringtable files is to have the corresponding .conversationbundle open alongside it and following "Links" from each Node number to the next.

"NodeID": 0, links to the start of every possible banter conversation a character can have so long as the listener is in the party, after which the conversation keeps following on to the next node it is linked to until reaching a node without any links. At which point the conversation ends.

For context of who is talking to who you'll need to know the "SpeakerGuid" and "ListenerGuid". There are probably a few exceptions but usually the conversation will stay relegated to the .stringtable and .conversationbundle of the character that initiates it.

Companion Speaker GUIDs:

  • Aloth = "5529e4b7-42dc-4895-b9f8-23375a945413"
  • Eder = "9c5f12c9-e93d-4952-9f1a-726c9498f8fb"
  • Maia = "f1504d00-eb4f-423a-9c9b-e71b5b23adcc"
  • Pallegina = "4d0750be-85ea-4838-8e52-666448927e83"
  • Serafen = "e41c506b-abcc-45f8-98ab-bba00a0ebc16"
  • Tekehu = "09b41c25-ce0a-4568-8f6b-2263f8a7493c"
  • Xoti = "688aa86c-fbe6-4a7f-9dd0-7ef3f8c943f4"

Sidekick Speaker GUIDs:

  • Fassina = "7e275e75-8754-4975-940c-3dcfa49ca3c7"
  • Konstanten = "a092c773-50f1-4bd8-9fb9-14233e891f72"
  • Mirke = "32825e37-edb4-436d-9f0b-0691c705d217"
  • Rekke = "c9f4c0dd-9caa-4351-b008-ee8584e515b5"
  • Vatnir = "b0f877d3-6fe5-4198-82a7-77d737ce2cb2"
  • Ydwin = "6bca91c7-7933-49e5-b27a-29d52d3304c2"


So for an example, this is a conversation from "companion_aloth_banters" between Aloth ("5529e4b7-42dc-4895-b9f8-23375a945413") and Serafen ("e41c506b-abcc-45f8-98ab-bba00a0ebc16"):


("NodeID": 46,) Aloth: "My, Serafen. Is there anything you have a hard time with? Aside from humility."

("NodeID": 50,) Serafen: "I reckon I be half-handy at most things. More-so all things piratical."

("NodeID": 51,) Aloth: "If only we were all as confident in real skills as you are in imagined ones."

("NodeID": 52,) Serafen: "You'd be right surprised how far confidence'll take you, lad, were you ever to give it a try."

As I said this is a hassle but it is the only way to make sense of it at moment I'm afraid.

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