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Finding Critter Cleaver Missive Bird

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I am working on a mod that will hides the message boxes that alert you to DLCs being installed. The "DeliverMissive" script for a certain “lethargic, misshapen bird" bearing a message about the wonderous critter cleaver, is however proving very hard to track down. Any ideas where I might find this?

The only information I have to go on is that the critter cleaver apparently came with the Forgotten Sanctum DLC, but I can't find any mention of the script that delivers the letter in the lax_3_exported folder.

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Yup, that's where it was! Thanks!

Ran a search for mentions of the note's GUID in the level and .assets files using Notepad++, which turned up a single mention in "level1123". Some pretty involved digging into this file with UBE indicates that the script is tied to a trigger object called "LAX03_Trigger_Pet_Smasher_Missive".

From what's readable in Notepad, I'm guessing that when the player sails into the trigger box the script is fired. Which then hurls the poor bird at the ship, and finally disables the trigger box.

So it should just be a simple matter of finding the GUID for this object and then disabling it with a scripthook!

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The lethargic-misshapen-bird has been grounded!

Other than this and the "DLC installed" message boxes, another change I've made to better integrate the DLCs is to change the global script for Vatnir's missive to prevents it arriving during The Steward's ship-supply briefing:


There is now a "IsConversationPlaying" conditional on the missive, and a "CallGlobalScriptAfterTimePasses" that this script again fires after a few in game hours. That way it'll arrive a few hours after the player has begun sailing towards Port Marje. While this solution feels better to me and the timing is such that the letter will arrive several before Furrante comes boards, it stills feel a bit awkward to have both irruptions happen in such close succession.

The difficulty of Beast of Winter is also not really intended for a Watcher who is fresh off Port Maje island, so I'm wondering if there might be someway to delay it's arrival further so that it will arrive later into the game?

Edit: Nevermind, it seems a "IsLevel" conditional can be put on the "DeliverMissive" script to ensure that Vatnir will only contact the player character once they've reached the recommended level.

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