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Arcane Blaster’s Imbued Ammunition - is it actually really good?

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I never used it before because I thought the Imbued Ammunition was as it's displayed: 8-12 dmg plus some bonuses, however it seems that's more like an ability and gets all kinds of bonus to acc, pen and damage (from MIG a second time, and even from being Legendary). On PL8 I got +2.25PEN and +18ACC, totally cancelling out -15ACC from pistol modal. Total damage is comparable to a normal pistol but damage type is vastly superior, and with higher PEN. Benefiting from MIG twice and multiplicatively means it would be crazy for Helwalkers?

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It profits from all dmg bonuses that your normal weapon attacks do (Sneak Attack, Weapon Quality and so on) and it can raise the dmg output considerably. If you mix Rushed Reload (and maybe some other speed bonuses) with One Handed Style and the Imbued Ammunition modal the speed is still good while the ACC stays good, too. My preferred pistol with one-handed pistol builds. Also because of Imbued Ammunition.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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yes, it is. my last char was a troubadour/debonaire with dual pistols, and this weapon is awesome with its modal.

tried all pistols, and for me this+Scordeo were the top together

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