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It requires adding the name of the companion's head data to the list of "NPCAppearanceOptionsGameData".

The names of which tends to start with a lower case "a", followed by the name of the "Companion" (first letter is usually upper case) and then either "Head" or "Hair" (likewise first letter upper case). I feel like there may possibly be an exceptions to this naming convention, but I can't remember it off the top of my head.

So for example Rekke is: "a_Rekke_Head", and Xoti is: "a_Xoti_Head".

You then add this to one of the lists of head options like so:

"MaleHeadAppearancePieces": [
        "ModelVisualDataPath": "prefabs/heads/m_hum_head01/a_m_hum_head01.asset"
    }, {
        "ModelVisualDataPath": "prefabs/heads/m_hum_head01/a_m_hum_head05.asset"
    }, {
        "ModelVisualDataPath": "prefabs/heads/m_hum_head01/a_m_hum_head06.asset"
    }, {
        "ModelVisualDataPath": "a_Rekke_Head"
"FemaleHeadAppearancePieces": [
        "ModelVisualDataPath": "prefabs/heads/f_hum_head01/a_f_hum_head01.asset"
    }, {
        "ModelVisualDataPath": "prefabs/heads/f_hum_head01/a_f_hum_head04.asset"
    }, {
        "ModelVisualDataPath": "prefabs/heads/f_hum_head01/a_f_hum_head05.asset"
    }, {
        "ModelVisualDataPath": "prefabs/heads/f_hum_head01/a_f_hum_head06.asset"
    }, {
        "ModelVisualDataPath": "a_Xoti_Head"

Example of the above that adds Xoti's and Rekke's appearances to the list of Meadow Folk head options: Deadfire_companion_heads.zip 

The companion's head should now appear in the customisation menu as a white icon. It's worth noting that there will be some strange visual glitches, such as facial hair clipping and the skin color of the head not being affected by your selection. In the case of the latter it might be possible to change this by opening the assetbundle and making changes to the one of the actual files.

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Though, since it seems to be (from what I have tested) one of the few game data types that requires including all components when adding something to it, the above example also contains the whole section.

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20 hours ago, GreekyFreeky said:

So I was able to Add Eder's head to the List, but now it just has an invisible head. Any ideas?

Ah right yeah, seems Eder ("A_Head_Eder") and Vatnir ("a_Head_Vatnir") are the exceptions to the rule. 

Edit: Hmm Nevermind, Eder's head doesn't seem to working for me either...

Edit 2: Just rechecked and had just copied the name of Eder's head wrong, should work now!

If the game can't find a prefab matching the name to load it still loads a blank selection to the list of appearance options.

I compiled this list, which should hopefully be the correct names for all of appearance options unique to companions:

Name Head Hair Facial hair
Aloth a_Aloth_Head a_Aloth_Hair  
Eder A_Head_Eder a_Eder_Hair a_Eder_Facialhair
Fassina a_Fessina_Head a_Fessina_Hair  
Konstanten a_Konstanten_Head a_Konstanten_Hair a_Konstanten_Facialhair
Maia a_Maia_Head a_Maia_Hair  
Pallegina a_Pallegina_Head a_Pallegina_Hair  
Rekke a_Rekke_Head a_Rekke_Hair  
Serafen a_Serafen_Head a_Serafen_Hair a_Serafen_Facialhair
Tekēhu a_Tekehu_Head a_Tekehu_Hair  
Vatnir a_Head_Vatnir    
Xoti a_Xoti_Head a_Xoti_Hair  
Ydwin a_Ydwin_Head a_Ydwin_Hair  

Mirke has neither a unique head or a unique hairstyle.

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