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More Options to Cook/Eat Bug Parts

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I would love to see expanded options to cook additional bug parts, that aren't part of an advanced Cookbook recipes. 

While there are several options to start, from aphids, gnats, weevils, and grubs, (and the pond creatures - tadpole and water flea), many of these don't populate the more "advanced" areas of the map regularly, such as the Upper Yard or Sandbox. Farming food in one map location such as by the Oak Tree, to bring to another in any sort for quantity is a bit of a hassle taking up valuable space, especially where storage is so limited, when you have limited options for the regions.

I understand that later in the game we should be using the Cookbook recipes, but these really aren't efficient when you need to simply reduce hunger or heal while on extended supply/farming runs or basebuilding.

So what I would love to see is the option to cook most, if not all standard bug parts (not heads or specialty) on the spit. For example, ant parts could turn into something akin to a turkey leg, while roly poly's could become a meatball or something. 

This is also part of the proposal that bug parts have more uses than the usual one or two crafting recipes that require them. 

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