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Feature requests / Gameplay features

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- More characters / Character customization

- Be able to climb (Most important) 

- Icons on the map screen is too small and not viewer friendly. Have to zoom in and out many times. New Map icon re-design would be cool to distinguish icons more clearly.

- HUD - In game mini map - While in game, having to go to the menu screen all the time. Would be great to follow a rotating mini map in game after setting objectives. I'm aware some people like to stop and look at a big map like an Atlas but please have this option to be toggled on and off if applicable. Sometimes while navigating through a full menu I tend to get surprise attacks and have to rush back out of the big menu

- RC Car - It would be great to add miniature RC cars as an additional fun activity to do with friends and explore. Building RC Cars from scratch and finding parts will be amazing and rewarding.  

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