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Shadow Organization for Storage Chest

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Organizing a chest for Xbox is a bit annoying having to constantly press the D-pad to get it to the correct spot. My current work around is to increase my overall storage and have a specific chest for every single item in order to use the quick move feature. If there was some sort of shadow ability (similar to the hot bar tool effect currently) to where it would be possible to quick move multiple items of the same category into a large chest and have it snap organize nicely, that would remove this tedious organizing time for counsel players. As a side effect, it may provide a goal for players to fill their storage up!

Simply an OCD suggestion. Thanks!

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I second this!

Something along the lines of being able to pre-designate an item to a slot without having to deposit an item in the storage box itself.

I would see it working something like:

  1. Select a slot or multiple slots
  2. Bring up a radial menu similar to the build menu (radial would only display items which have been discovered already)
  3. Select the desired item
  4. Selected slots now display a faint image of the desired item
  5. Quick deposit would then prioritise these reserved slots over empty slots and will not deposit any other type of item within the reserved slots

Whilst on the topic of OCD inventory management, having the defrag option on storage would be a nice quick win in the interim.

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