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Avoiding 'Inventory Full' When Switching Weapons

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One huge quality of life improvement would be to remove the possibility of getting an 'Inventory Full' message when you're switching from, for example, 1H + Shield to Crossbow. The game wants a free shot for switching weapons and setting as this game is low on inventory slots as is it is really common that it prevents you from switching weapons due to a full inventory. 

This results in less fun due to you not being able to pull out the weapon needed and more micro managing if your inventory to always have at least 1 slot free. 


Suggestion: Add an invisible slot for enabling changing weapons even with a full inventory. 

Or, add a 2H/Ranged Weapon Equipment slot where you'd put your preferred 2 handed weapon. 

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Simply making weapons/tools assigned to the Hotpouch not taking up backpack inventory, similar to Armor, would be a better option. Anything equipped would be able to be stored there instead of the backpack when not in use.

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