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Armor and weapon are getting replaced/cloned in Multiplayer

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Hi there,

i have been playing a multiplayergame on xbox and discovered two problems with weapon/armor cloning.

The first thing i discovered was, that my fresh lvl 6 Bone Dagger got replaced by a lvl 7 Spicy Black Ant Sword. The Bone Dagger was located on a weapon stand on a wall.
So now i have no Bone Dagger but two lvl 7 Spicy Black Ant Swords.

The second cloning/exchanging i discovered has been my swimming set on an armor stand. The stand was equipped with a bubble helmet, a Koi breastplate and Flip Flops. When i went there to exchange the Armor it has changed to the Black Ant Armor i have been wearing (lvl 8/9). So now i have two almost completely updated Black Ant armor sets and no swimming equipment.

Aditionally, since the Bugs Strike Back update, i can't upgrade my Black Ant Sword. It should be lvl 8. But since the update it changed to lvl 7. I can klick on "upgrade", the effectsound appears but the weapon stays the same. I even crafted a new one but can't upgrade that beyond lvl 7 aswell. (This Problem occurs on Singleplayer aswell)

Anyone else is discovering that problems?

Greetings, Hillerious :)

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