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Suggestion: Faction Reactivity

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I have been enjoying this base building update, i have ran into a few issues and have an idea for one that i think would be a quality of Life improvement, iv been facing a re-occurring problem with the factions and i think it would be solved if we had a faction UI or something like that, Where you can make a Progress bar or Something for the different faction types so you could see which ones are reacting to you, i know they have the little icon pop up on your screen but i would like to have a solid Ui state or something in order to track it, since i havent been able to receive some of the pop ups. followed by complete destruction of my base lol. idk just a thought.

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Agree.....some kind of faction meter. Also.....if the player does not aggravate or disturb the offended faction for a period of time, the meter should go down.  Personally, I just wish we could toggle this completely off or on, as the individual player desires. Not just on custom games, but for any current game as well.  Played 1,400 plus hours on my first playthrough and did not build with War Games in mind. Started a new playthrough (custom game) just to avoid this entire issue. And placed my first playthrough on hold until the faction base raids are tone down a bit or can be toggled off.  But your idea is a nice step in the right direction.....especially for players who like the new update's direction. Makes a lot of sense. 🙂

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Agreed, some indicator would be nice.   But I have only had swarms of ants constantly; never had any other type of bug attack.   killed 22 ants (outside of base defense) and yet got hit about 7 times so far; all ants.    I have killed 40+ orb weavers and gotten both messages that said they were getting annoyed, ect; but no spiders. 

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