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Your base should be a no spawn zone.

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I built a base thats honestly more of a hotel, and there's red ants, larvae, wolf spiders, mites and spiderlings just everywhere I look. I'm experienced in the game, so yes I can fend everything off, but I get sick of hearing red ants go through my chests, eating my jerky and roasted meat. Having aphids getting stuck under my staircases and wolf spiders destroying my lights and pallets everytime they try to attack me. I do A LOT of building, and between the bugs that never go away, and then the raids from me killing said bugs, I'm always being pestered in my own base. Please fix the issue with bugs spawning directly in my base, and the issue where bugs can just walk through my foundations and palisades. I only make these posts to help improve the game. I'm not giving the devs grief, or diminishing the game whatsoever. I'm a huge fan, I just get annoyed by the hectic spawning.

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