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Chest and basket zipline attachment

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Pretty simple, you would just relocate a chest/basket to a Zipline and it would attach, maybe even have a option where it doesn't move until you send it so you can load stuff into the container before sending it off. I think this would be an amazing thing for people who like to go on long gathering sessions across the map or maybe want to make a new base but don't want to deal with the relocation of their chests. I mean if a player puts the work in to have Ziplines going all over the map, maybe we should be able to do more and have ways to maybe just send items over long distances like with the stems. This could even be really helpful if you have a multiplayer world and your friend needs food or repair ingredients for their stuff but are all the way across the map, instead of just heading home their friend could just send over stuff and they can continue on with whatever they need to do across the map

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