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Bluetooth Audio and other forms of audio

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First thing is I am hard of hearing that means I wear hearing aids majority of my life. 
I never had issue with playing games using hearing aids because they usually come with a device that is bluetooth or have an aux port. 
My old hearing aid had this device that allowed me to use the aux port from itself to the pc and i can hear the game and my friends at the same time. 
Recently i had to upgrade since my old hearing aids were 11 years old and is outdated. Hearing aids now no longer require another device as the Bluetooth is built in them. I launch grounded and boom no audio what so ever. Not only that but the outside noise is now cancelled as well as hearing anything from any other app that include discord. 

I notice this is also a problem for people who uses Bluetooth headset. As of right now I tried many things to fix this the only thing i manage to fix was allowing myself to hear my friends on discord rather than in game, but that disconnect me from all other audio i don't know why computer part on that. 

I believe that we should get an audio update because I notice that in grounded it doesn't have any options unlike all other games out there. There is no option to change the audio type (speakers/ headset/ bluetooth etc) , audio output, and audio input. As well as Mono or Stereo. 
Grounded forces it audio above all others, setting the priority high for the game only and nothing else. 

Not only would this be useful, no this is useful and much needed. Not only a sound update but an accessibility update for The Deaf/ Hard of hearing. 
Yes we have subtitles but that doesn't help the deaf know that an enemy is near or where the sound is coming from. 
I suggest to use a system like Fortnite where all audio is disable and have a circular sound sensor pointing in the direction of where the sound is coming from. And to balance this out the sound should only be detected if the player is within a certain radius of such activity.
This would be useful to those who are truly deaf. 

If there is a way to temporarily fix this issue I'm all ears and eyes because it just too quiet for me to play a survival game with friends. As a hard of hearing person I appreciate sounds a lot and I mean a lot. The idea of being close to deaf is what make us love having the blessing to hear even a little bit.

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Hi, hopefully you have discovered a solution already, but if not and you are using Windoze, here is where you can possibly discover a workaround.
First open Grounded, then ALT TAB out.
Start>Settings>System>Sound then at the bottom of the right pane under 'Advanced sound options' select 'App volume and device preferences'; from this screen you can choose not only which audio output device each running program uses but also the input if you have multiple input devices.

Hope this is helpful.


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