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Second post, and as i said at the first one, this forum is just a wonder, some years reading your insights about Pillars of Eternity games and i still learn a lot of things from you, so thx.
Ok, i want to roleplay a stalker ranger using a pike, and i wonder if wizard´s Citzals lance could find synergies from stalker. 
Said this, i play mostly on veteran dificulty, so i´m not aiming for a super well rounded build, just a funny one.

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By all means you could play a stalker geomancer. You could use your pet as a shield (bear is best for the additional AR) and attack from behind. Once you cast the lance, you can also cast essential phantom, which will have the lance too. Or you cast Concelhaut's Draining Touch and then cast the phantom; in either case, the phantom would have the summoned weapon for its entire duration. @Boeroersuggested a fine stalker geomancer build here.

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Geomancer Stalkers can become quite sturdy (bc. self buffs + Stalker passive) - and the high accuracy bonuses make it more easy to land all sorts of spells on enemies.

If a party member casts either Champion's Boon (Priest) or Tactical Meld (Cipher) on your animal companion it can engage up to 4 enemies which also gives you the bonus accuracy from Stalker's Link against every one of them - useful for the Lance's AoE hits and spells in general. 

Unfortunately AoE weapons like Spirit Lance don't work well with Wounding Shot (meaning the wounding effect doesn't get applied to enemies in the area of effect, only the initial target.

But Concussive Shot/Tranquilizer does work with the weapon's AoE; that means lots of interrupts and buff-stripping in an AoE.

Also Hunter's Claw/Fang etc. work with the AoE iirc, giving you multiple stacks of ACC/dmg or deflection bonus per strike (if you hit multiple enemies with the AoE).

As @dgray62said, the Essential Phantom can be useful in all sorts of ways. 


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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Thx, amazing info. Yes, i read the morningstar geomancer from Beorer and that's why i thought a pike and lance stalker with wizard summoned weapons could look badass too. 

I´m just finishing a run with an ascendant/ghost heart and i´m loving it from the start. The next one will be the tricky stalker haha.
Thx again mates.

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