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[Help] Adding new enemy/friendly npc etc to game, using existing data.

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I try to add a Mega boss version of death guard to game, and here's what I've done.

1. Create new character stats in characters.gamedatabundle.✔

2. Create new PT.✔

3. Trying to "link" character stats with "new" NPCs/Creatures etc.  ❌

Try to use UABE or AssetStudio to find solution, and I notice that in Character.unity3d, there's a monobehavior type of data, "CharacterStats" , which define the guid that the character will use.

In order to not affect existing enemies and npcs, I think I should duplicate the existed one and modify the copy, and simply find out that I dont know how to do that.😥


I know that adding new model is kind of impossible for poe2, but just duplicating and modifying the copy also falls into that catagory?  Or it's just me not doing it right?

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On 5/24/2022 at 10:22 AM, Grape_You_In_The_Mouth said:

So far we don't know how but we haven't tried hard enough.  Check out the other big threads on this topic for more info on how frustrating this is.

Well, thx for the news.😥

At least it comforts me a little that it is impossible.

I think I should turn to search a character which the game uses least often and modify that one...

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