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I have a problem with my game

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Pc/Single Player/Mild: Same with my game. Started a new playthrough....everything was normal until the update. Then the Wolf Spiders suddenly started to circle the Oak Tree (day and night) and do not take their usual three day naps. Can't even run to BURG.LE.....let alone crack an acorn or dig for grubs. Got cornered, and just managed to kill one (with a sprig bow and gazillion arrows) and he respawned almost instantly. Either that or his cousin Fred rounded the corner while I was still gathering arrows. There's just too many of them. Or respawn is out of control? Don't know. No problem if you're decked out in tank armor, achieved all three mutations in poison resistance and can flash a shiny coal-tana in their faces.....but a sprig bow? Wearing rotten bee armor and a pebble spear? And playing on Mild? Not a chance. Please.....fix this. PS: they also have started to phase through solid wall again. Love their new jump moves.....but their Houdini act has got to go. Pretty Please with a cherry on top. 🍒 Thank you. 


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